My name is Kelly Burroughs. 

I am currently a first-year student attending the

Texas A&M University Visualization 

Master program.

My focus is

 production management and pipeline

in animation projects

I dream of working as a Production Assistant at an animated featured film studio and work my way up to become a Production Coordinator. 

I  love the collaborative, creative, and passionate atmosphere of the industry as a whole.

I worked at a handful of amazing studios like Nickelodeon Animation Studio

as a Nicktern during Spring 2018 

I am currently working as a Production Assistant at Brazen Animation

I will also be attending Siggraph 2020

as a Team Leader volunteer

During my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking (especially for coworkers), fostering kittens, playing League of Legends, and reading Harry Potter

(Hufflepuffs are the best.)

I hope you enjoy my site!