My name is Kelly Burroughs. 

I am currently a first-year student attending the

Texas A&M University Visualization Master program.

Within the program, my focus is on production coordinating and environment modeling. 

My passion for production coordinating stems from my natural ability and professional experience to organize and track projects.

My environmental projects is to understand and gain more experience in the flow of a project. I also love building unique worlds that tell a story or convey a certain emotion.

Outside of my projects, I'm currently a project manager at LIVE Lab which is an educational video game research lab.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Visualization

in May 2017.

I also worked at a handful of amazing studios, such as Nickelodeon Animation Studio as a Nicktern

during Spring 2018 

In my free time, I enjoy community yoga, fostering kittens, and reading Harry Potter

(Hufflepuffs are the best.)

I hope you enjoy my site!